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Our Mediation rates are as follows:

Minimum (3) Hours at $150.00 p/p = $ 600.00 p/p
The first (2) hours are the actual mediation session time,
while the 3rd hour represents the administrative time.
Reviewing the case, and preparing the Settlement Agreement.

If the actual mediation session exceeds (3) Hours, the rate drops to $100.00 p/p for the 4th or additional hours.  
Once an agreement is achieved, a binding Settlement Agreement will be signed by all parties. 

What Is Mediation? 

Mediation is alternative dispute resolution (ADR) available to parties. Mediation is essentially a negotiation facilitated by a trained professional and neutral third party. ADR procedures can be initiated by the parties or may be compelled by legislation, the courts, or contractual terms.

Does It Work? 

Mediation has over an 85% success rate. That being said, all parties must be willing to participate, neogoiate, compromise, and most importantly listen to the other side.    
Administrative Hearing Officer Rates: 

Minimum (2) Hours of the actual Hearing,
with (1) Hour of dedicated case preparation, and 
the written decision drafted, and provided within (2) weeks of the Hearing 

Total Cost Per Hearing is $ 600.00 
($200.00 P/Hour)* Rate includes case research, conducting the hearing, and drafting and sending the written decision.   

The DP Private Mediation Offices can provide local 
Public Entities Administrative Hearing Officers for:

-Code Enforcement Hearings, 
-Municipal Appeal Hearings
-Police/ Fire Marshall Hearings 
-Administrative / Personnel Hearings 

What is an Administrative Hearing ? 

A trial-like proceeding is heard before an Administrative Hearing Officer. As in a trial, evidence is proffered and testimony is given. 
Unlike a trial, an administrative hearing is often shorter in duration and more informal in nature.